Leisure and Asctivities

Leisure and Activities

Bayeux Adventure:

Tree climbing, tubbing, zorbing, giant net, jumping into the void, labyrinth and many more. Come and discover a new park in a natural and very pleasant setting. Ideal for an outing with family or friends. Located at the gates of Bayeux and the landing beaches, young and old alike can be tempted by going on an adventure.

Paléospace Odyssey:

The Paléospace Odyssée located in Villers sur Mer at 70 km, is a museum devoted to the Greenwich meridian, the Villers-sur-Mer marshes and the fossils discovered on the site of the Vaches Noires cliffs. Continue your visit by discovering the Falaises des Vaches Noires and the Marais Natural Park.

Souterroscope of slate quarries:

Come and visit Le Souterroscope des Ardoisières in Caumont l´Eventé, 38 km away. Former underground slate quarry dug in the 19th century. Your visit will be guided by lights and sound effects where you will become a miner discovering a water table. The underground temperature being 12 ° C, remember to cover yourself up even in summer!

Museum and Archaeological sites of Vieux la Romaine:

The Museum and Archaeological Sites of Vieux la Romaine located 35 km. You will discover 3 archaeological sites dating from the Roman period (1st and 2nd century AD) in the city of Aregenua: the Forum, the House of the Grand Peristyle and the House at the « U » shaped courtyard. You will also have access to the Museum presenting knowledge about the city of Aregenua, daily life in Roman times and the history of research in Vieux la Romaine.

Nautical sports :

The beaches of the Côte de Nacre can offer you a wide choice of water sports: Sailing, sand yachting, kitesurfing, diving, paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, flyboard, kite and many others!

West adventure in Reviers:

8 kilometers from the Manoir de Mathan; Forerunners of tree climbing parks in Caen, Bayeux and the Côte de Nacre, we invite you to unleash the virtual experience for a morning or an afternoon on a natural site of 8 hectares of forest. In complete safety thanks to the non-detachable carabiners, initiated by a team of professionals, which can help you overcome your difficulties or rescue you at any time. For the less adventurous in height or as a sport supplement, two paintball fields are available: one in the middle of the forest and the other next to the reception surrounded by a protective net.

Nautical Center of Douvres la Délivrande:

Indoor and outdoor pools, slides, fitness, aquasports; you can enjoy and relax with family or friends even in bad weather!


For game lovers; you can find Casinos in the cities of Saint Aubin sur mer, Ouistréham, Luc sur mer, Cabourg, Houlgate or even Deauville / Trouville.


You will find golf courses in the towns of Port en Bessin (Omaha beach), Louvigny, Cabourg and Deauville / Trouville.


For thrill seekers, Festyland is the largest amusement park in Normandy on the theme of pirates, Vikings, William the Conqueror, knights and the Belle Époque. Festyland is located in Bretteville sur-Odon, near Caen, France.

Escape Game:

Confront new puzzles in teams of 2 to 8 people, with family or friends. Take the challenge. Ingenuity and collaboration will be your assets to solve our mysterious scenarios! Team Building, outing with friends, life-size escape … Innovative concept!

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