Located not far from the sea but also in a historic region, the Manoir de Mathan offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of cultural leisure activities.

The world famous Bayeux Tapestry is a unique masterpiece. A work of art from the eleventh century 70 m long by 0.50 m of linen canvas embroidered with colored wool, exposing in 58 scenes the reasons and circumstances of the expedition of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and his army in 1066. This superb work would have been ordered by Odon, half-brother of Guillaume and bishop of Bayeux, at an Anglo-Saxon workshop to then present it in the nave of his cathedral.

The Cathedral is an exceptional site which underwent numerous embellishments and modifications between the 13th and 15th centuries. It dominates the town center of Bayeux, whose heritage is exceptional. Visit of the Cathedral every day in season.

The Bayeux lace conservatory which aims to safeguard the know-how transmitted by the lacemakers of Bayeux since the 17th century. He continues to teach bobbin lace techniques. Exhibition, animation, sale. Free tour.

Also to see in Bayeux:

Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy.

General de Gaulle Memorial

Convent of the Augustines.

Monasteries of the Benedictines….

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