D-day landing beaches

D-day landing beaches in Normandy

Situated only 5 km from the D-Day beaches, the hotel was in the front line of the Normandy Battle. It is surrounded by cemeteries, memorials and museums remembering those distressing times, part of France’s history.

At Caen, 20 minutes from the hotel is the Memorial museum, Le Mémorial de Caen, showing homage to the soldiers killed during the D-Day landings.

At Bayeux, 15 minutes from the hotel, two museums retrace the Battle of Normandy, the Mémorial Général de Gaulle and the Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie.

A few kilometers from the hotel along the beach is Colleville sur Mer where the American war cemetery is situated. This cemetery is one of the most impressive sites of remembrance of the soldiers killed on the front line. The land given to America by France for them to bury their deceased,faces the sea,with a giant sculpture paying homage to those who lost their lives.

At Arromanches, 6 kilometers from the hotel was one of the main battlefields of the Battle of Normandy,site of the artificial port. The Musée du débarquement d’Arromanches exhibits videos and animated models. There is also a circular cinema, Arromanches 360, presenting documentaries on the nine screens. It shows a selection of archive images mixed with more modern day ones,retracing the steps of the D-Day landings.

The hotel,situated close to the beaches in a historic area, offers many cultural leisure activities.

Museum, Memorial and Cemetery

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