Religious Buildings

Religious buildings

Bayeux Cathedral:

Notre-Dame de Bayeux Cathedral is a Gothic-style cathedral, located in Bayeux in Calvados, which is the seat of the diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux corresponding to this department. It is one of the masterpieces of Norman Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Located on the presumed site of the forum of the Gallo-Roman city of Augustodurum and replacing a building from the Merovingian period, the current cathedral was consecrated on July 14, 1077. It is part of a remarkably preserved episcopal complex. It was for her that the famous Bayeux Tapestry was made. It has been classified as a historical monument since 1862.

Monastery of the visitandines of Caen:

The monastery of the Visitandines of Caen is a monastery founded by the order of the visitation in Caen at the beginning of the 19th century. It replaces the old convent of the visitation of Caen dispersed during the Revolution. The monastery chapel has been listed as a historic monument since November 19, 2002.

Ladies’ Abbey in Caen:

Overlooking the city of Caen, the Romanesque abbey of the Abbaye aux Dames still houses in its choir the tomb of its famous founder, Mathilde of Flanders, Duchess of Normandy, Queen of England and wife of William the Conqueror. From the 11th century crypt to the 18th century convent, the Abbaye aux Dames is one of the jewels of Norman heritage. Through the guided tour, you will discover the 950 years of history of this abbey and its illustrious ladies!

Abbey to Men in Caen:

Founded in 1063 by William the Conqueror, the Benedictine abbey of St Etienne de Caen was consecrated in 1077. The monastic buildings of the 18th century, housing the cloister, paneled rooms adorned with paintings and the Room of the Guards, are today the headquarters of the Town Hall. The abbey church houses the tomb of William.

Juaye Mondaye Abbey:

Saint-Martin de Mondaye is an abbey of the Premonstratensian order, located in France at Juaye Mondaye, built in the Bessin countryside, nine kilometers south of Bayeux. Founded in 1200, it is the only canonical abbey of the Premonstratensian order still active in Normandy, and includes more than forty brothers, of all generations, divided between Mondaye and its two priories, in Conques and Tarbes.