Beaches in charge of stories

This area established along the sand beaches of Bessin has an animated historical past which is declined as of old civilizations. But in fact well the events of the Unloading of 1944 remain engraved in priority in the memories. To a few kilometers of the Farm of Rançonnière, the vast sand fields which were also battle fields still increase the marks of the operations which marked the second world war and aujourd?hui, these historical places became spaces of meditation. Not to forget!

Thus, of Grandcamp Maisy to Worm-on-sea, while passing by Colleville-on-Sea, of many museums and other places various spread out a rich person diversity of topics which recall the recent past.

Museum of the unloading – 14117 Arromanches

Museum which tells the construction and the operation of the artificial harbour installed with Arromanches the shortly after June 6 and which was decisive in the Battle of Normandy.


Museum of the underwater wrecks – 14520 Port en Bessin

Twenty five years of underwater research allowed the increase of vestiges found in the warships. Arromanches 360 – 14117 Arromanches



Museum Memorial to Omaha Beach – 14710 Saint-Laurent sur Mer

This museum is established in American sector near Omaha Beach. It recalls all the phases of the unloading



American cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer

The American Cemetery of Colleville-on-Sea was inaugurated in 1956. On the 9387 US soldiers fallen on the beaches from Normandy and which rest in this cemetery, 307 were never identified. This cemetery extends on a surface from 70 hectares. It dominates the beach of Omaha Beach.