Tourisme en normandie autour du Manoir de Mathan hotel de tourisme en normandie

Calvados and Ciders

Calvados and Ciders :Calvados and cider are the emblems of Normandy ; many distilleries are open for visitors near the Manoir de Mathan , gastronomic tourism around a hotel in Normandy, located near Bayeux in the Calvados region

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Calvados Farm of the Felicity

Farm of the Felicity : Visit the orchards all year round

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Calvados cellar in Bayeux

Just a stone's throw from Bayeux cathedral, come and discover the authentic flavour of Norman spirits.

Calvados cellar Lecornu : 10 km
Calvados cellar Lecornu in Bayeux

Calvados production Marcel Viard

Free technical visit through the orchards. You will discover the different varieties of apple used to manufacture spirits. Tasting included.

Calvados production Viard : 10 km
Calvados Viard

Calvados production from the Orchards of Ducy

Between Bayeux and Caen you will discover an organic farm, which maintains a traditional spirit-manufacturing activity. You can visit the orchards, the workshop and the cellars.

Calvados production of Ducy : 17 km
Calvados production in Ducy

Cider production near Manoir of Mathan

The programme includes a visit of the cider production facilities, the maturing cellar and a cider tasting.

Ferme of Billy cider production : 20 km
Ferme of Billy in Calvados

Calvados and cider productor

Farm of the Sapiniere : A complete visit of the spirits production process, beginning with a visit to the orchards and ending in the maturing cellar. An enjoyable visit and quality tasting.

Farm of the Sapiniere Calvados production : 20 km
Farm of the Sapiniere in Calvados region

The Orchards of Romilly

Near the German D-Day military graveyard, a grower and producer welcomes you to his cider production plant.

Orchards of Romilly in Calvados : 40 km
Orchards of Romilly in Calvados

Calvados Loterot farm

"Ferme du Loterot" in Calvados : Production of home-made liqueurs. Visit of the workshop and tasting.

Calvados Loterot farm : 40 km
"Ferme du Loterot" in Cahagnes

Dampierre Calvados farm

Cider farm. Visit ancient and modern cider-presses and learn about the village's history and heritage.

Dampiere cider farm : 50 km
Dampierre Calvados and cider farm

Cellars of the Pere-Magloire

Come and discover the cellars of Pere Magloire and the Calvados museum. Audiovisual programme and wine-tasting included

Cellars of the Pere-Magloire : 80 km
Cellars of the Pere-Magloire in Pont l'Eveque

Christian Drouin Distillery

The buildings, the rustic equipment and the vast orchard make this an exceptional site for a visit. This remarkable distillery has been awarded more than 400 medals of honour and the "Grand prix du Prestige Européen".

Christian Drouin distillery : 80 km
Christian Drouin distillery in Coudray-Rabut

Calvados Boulard distillery

The visit includes a film show. Production of Pommeau and famous Calvados brands.

Calvados Boulard distillery : 85 km
Calvados Boulard distillery in Coquainvilliers

Calvados production in Auge region

Calvados Roger Groult is a Calvados production from the Auge region. Visit of the cider-press and to the distillery. Visits are free.

Calvados Roger Groult : 110 km
Calvados Roger Groult in Auge region

Calvados Lauriston

The "Chais of Verger" of Normandy : the programme includes a visit of the buildings and the production tools, followed by a cider, "poiré" and Calvados tasting session.

Chais of Verger : 140 Km
Location of the Chais of Verger